Amanqiloves: Edge Design

21 April, 2019
Amanqiloves: Edge Design

It’s always an incredible feeling to discover new emerging brands which serve as a breath of fresh air in our wardrobes. With our latest brand crush, the Dubai-based Edge Design, we’ve found exactly that. Combining an effortless elegance with contemporary design, this abaya brand has been at the forefront of reinventing a wardrobe classic. Intrigued by the brand’s sartorial journey, we sat down with designer Ayesha to discuss all things fashion, her many sources of inspiration and her insider tip for all designers.

The Journey Thus Far

Ayesha: Honestly, what inspired me to start my own brand is that it was difficult to find abayas that suites my taste; I wanted something special and contemporary unlike the typical abayas available. Another reason is that I don’t like to wear an abaya that many girls are wearing.

The Many Sources Of Inspiration

Ayesha: When I start a new collection at the beginning I make sure of the season’s current trends and year’s season either it was summer/winter accordingly. The other source of inspiration comes from my personal style, I try to create a unique piece depending on what occasion the collection is for.

An Usual Day In Team Edge Design’s Life

Ayesha: As usual day for the Team Edge Design’s life basically starts with a cup of coffee following a day filled with inspiration, emails and tracking orders.

The Future Of The Brand

Ayesha: We see our brand 5 year from now as a leading brand in the region, attaining the best reputation and quality. We also see ourselves opening our own shop with more than just Abayas.

The Insider Tip For Aspiring Designers

Ayesha: You don’t have to copy others to succeed, be special and unique in your own designs, and be proud of your own creations that’s what makes your brand outstanding.